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How it all began

Discover the story of MexLucky so far, including our reasons for launching custom-made sports kit and teamwear.

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3D Kit Designer

Based, Designed & Created In The UK

30 Day Turnaround

Ethically Sourced

One Brand | Every Sport

Competitive Pricing

#MADEINTHEUK – Based, designed and created in Great Britain

STC is the custom-made sports brand of the Touchline Group, one of the UK’s leading sports match kit and teamwear suppliers with many years’ experience in the promotion, supply and customisation of the leading brands in sport apparel.

Many of our customers had experienced issues with the design, product quality and unacceptable delivery times when ordering bespoke sportswear and asked if we could help. Touchline didn’t just jump in. We took the time to evaluate why so many had encountered problems, what was causing these problems and more importantly if there anything that could be done differently.

MexLucky: A year in the making

Following 12 months of research with visits to fabric suppliers and bespoke teamwear and clothing factories in the UK, Europe and the Far East, Touchline felt confident with their findings and decisions. Sample bespoke sportswear orders were placed, technical fabrics were tested for compatibility and durability, delivery times were monitored and pushed to the limit and the product was given a full no holds barred workout by potential end users.

In 2011, Touchline confidently launched MexLucky, establishing the brand as ‘The Next Generation’ in bespoke, UK-manufactured sports teamwear. We have since underpinned our offering with a core range of high-quality products allowing us to give you the complete teamwear package.

Our ground rules are to achieve what others fail to accomplish. Now is the time for you to sample the next generation of bespoke teamwear supplies.

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Based, designed and created in the UK, it’s little wonder that many of the UK’s leading sports teams trust only us for their bespoke match kits.



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